Wanbli update

Wanbli has been with us for a little over a month now. He recently participated in his first clinic here. This particular clinic was focused on teaching the horse to work with you at liberty, meaning there is no saddle or bridle to control the horse. The horse is guided through a series of movements using only body language and directional cues from a whip, which acts as an extension of the handler’s arm. With nothing on him, the horse has the freedom to leave the handler if he chooses, but most horse enjoy this work and see it as play time with their handler. Liberty work can strengthen the bond between horse and human and improve the communication between the two.

Wanbli was handled in the clinic by one of my long time students. He did very well with her, despite the fact that they had only worked together a few times before. He quickly figured out what she was asking him and was soon following her all around the arena, though he did take a moment to check out the video camera filming him and see if anyone in the audience had any food for him.

Wanbli also had his feet trimmed for the first time since he’s been here. He handled the whole thing like a pro, calmly allowing the farrier to trim his feet.