The Nokota Horse Project

Tuskey Dressage has recently joined together with the International Heritage Conservancy and the Nokota Horse Conservancy to preserve and promote the arts of classical dressage and falconry on horseback as well as the Nokota horse breed. Nokotas are the last surviving population of wild horse in North Dakota. These horses are descended from early Native American and Spanish colonial horses.

As part of the project we are please to be working with a five year old Nokota gelding named Wanbli, which means “golden eagle”. Wanbli arrived at our barn just under a week ago. During that time he has seen many new things. He had never been inside a barn or a stall before, but he walked right in and made himself at home. He has since been introduced to cats, plastic horse eating chairs, blankets, a guitar, a bow, and of course Alvin, the peregrine falcon. He is learning that it is ok when people touch him, and has gone from being very reactive to touch to now allowing me to pat him enthusiastically all over his body. He is now learning how to lunge in preparation for his new career as a classical dressage and falconry horse.

Check back often for more updates on Wanbli and how he progresses and for more information about the Nokota horse, visit!