Safety lessons continued

My last post covered training techniques you can use to help create a safer, happier horse. There some additional things you can do as a rider to minimize risks.

Take lessons with a qualified instructor

Lessons, especially lunge lessons are vital to developing a secure position in the saddle. Riding is a physical activity that requires a certain amount of balance and strength. A good instructor should be able to give you exercises to work on to help improve your weaknesses. Developing a good seat will help keep you safe should the horse do something unexpected such as spook, trip, jump, or stop suddenly.

Choose a horse that matches your ability level

If you are a novice rider, do not choose a horse that is very young, doesn’t have a lot of training, or is very high energy unless you will be working very closely with an experienced trainer. It takes a certain amount of skill and experience to be able to safely handle these types of horses.  Be realistic with your self about your abilities and goals. Just want to ride around on the trail? Maybe that 4-year old off the track thoroughbred isn’t the right horse for you.


If you’d like more information about how to improve the safety of your riding, feel free to contact me at!

I wish  everyone  a safe, happy relationship with their equine partners!