Anna is a thirteen year old Andalusian mare. Ten months ago she had never had a halter on and had never been separated from her mother. She was a feral horse. On July 4th, 2012 my husband, Nate, and I loaded her into the trailer to begin her new life, leaving her home and her mother behind. At first she had a lot of trust issues. Since she had never been handled, she did not trust people. She also suffered from separation anxiety when she wasn’t with other horses. With patience and kindness, she learned how to be led, how to pick up her feet, how to have a saddle on her back, and not to be afraid of the endless stream of new things she encountered. Nate has been instrumental in her progress. He has put in countless hours with her building up her trust in people. He was the first to ride her and has done a majority of the under saddle work himself. Anna has transformed into a confident, trusting horse who absolutely loves spending time with her humans. It is amazing to see the difference in her and it is a testimony to the French Classical training methods.


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